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At RAAMS, we go beyond simply supplying premium equipment. With over 25 years of experience in mining and engineering, our expert team is here to offer you guidance through designing, fabricating, and installing a custom pump system and power solution for your needs.

Tailored Pump, Power & Fabrication Services

Explore our seamless system design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and after-sales support services, and experience the RAAMS difference.

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We offer an extensive range of pumps and generators to rent or buy, suitable for diverse applications. Explore our trusted brands and comprehensive solutions, from irrigation pumps to hybrid generators.

Professional Pump & Power Systems Design

Collaborating with you, we work to design a future-proof system that will serve your operations now and in future. We’ve worked with clients both large and small, and have the expertise to ensure your tailor-made system is right for you.

Seamless Installation & Maintenance

From setup to routine upkeep, our team ensures your pumping system delivers consistent performance and peak efficiency. We install your system to the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications, so your system runs perfectly and your warranty is kept intact.

Dedicated After-Sales Support

After installation, we’re still here to help. Whether you need to organise a service of your equipment or have questions, our after-sales team are here to offer their unmatched expertise. Contact us today to discuss your property or site requirements, and to secure a tailored quote.

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Premium Pumping And Power Equipment For Your Industry


Pumping and power needs on a mine site are critical to operations. We’re here to assist you in selecting the right pump and power equipment for your site’s requirements, thanks to our experience in developing effective solutions for large-scale applications.


From hobby farms to large-scale agricultural operations, we’ve got the perfect pump and power solution for you. Transfer water efficiently and reliably with our range of pumps, and enhance your farm’s pumping power with a diesel, solar, or hybrid generator. 


For local and state government bodies, providing clean water and disposing of wastewater requires a pump system of uncompromised quality. We supply pumps and generators chosen for their exceptional durability, efficiency, and reliability to successfully meet the needs of your community.

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